Welcome to ANDC in 2023

Do You Want More in 2023...I Do
Welcome to the 2023 A New Day Church!  Wow...can you believe it's 2023?  I am not one of those people that do resolutions or promises, but the thing I want most for 2023 is "I Want More".  Now who doesn't want more of the Lord!  With that being said...A New Day Church is expanding our reach with the Lord to anyone and everyone.  We have a NEW Church App that is now available by the time you have read this post!  ANDC wants to make it easy for anyone seeking MORE of the Lord to have a place on their smartphone, tablet or TV that they have it ALL.  You can watch all the sermons, devotions, podcasts and a variety of other popular programming, as well as reading the Bible and communicating with any and all members.  Our new giving app built-in makes it so easy to give on the fly.  A New Day Church is growing online throughout the country as well as Internationally...so jump on board and enjoy what Jesus is doing and participate in our community and family!  Strive for more...let's have a great 2023!
---Tedd Girgus

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