ANDC Story

How it all started...

A New Day Church (ANDC) was founded by Mark and Carmen Yeadon in a small living room, with a passion and purpose to help people take their next steps toward Christ…together. Building upon our past, Lead Pastor Mark Yeadon is continuing to faithfully listen to and obey where God is guiding us as a church. As a result, there is excitement, enthusiasm and momentum carrying us into the next chapter of A New Day Church’s story. Whatever part of your journey you’re on, you matter to us and to God. Welcome to A New Day Church. 

Expanding the vision...


Jesus told us to go out and make followers of ALL the earth.  At
ANDC, we are trying to reach the world through our online
ministry..  Whether it's our LIVE Prayer nights, or our online
church services, or even our NEW App!  We love the Lord at A New Day Church and we want you to experience the same!  We try to spread the love at ANDC and that's why we say "Let's make Jesus famous!"

Where we are headed...

At  A New Day Church, we believe there should be no walls or boundaries in regards to the church.  We want to fellowship and spread the Good News of Jesus everywhere with everyone!

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 9:30 am and 11 am.

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