She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.

Proverbs 31:25

We have an active group of women who loved to do a variety of things!  If you enjoy hiking, biking, going for walks, doing crafts, going on day adventures and more, well we can hook you up with the right people!  Contact us below and let us know what your interests are and lets get connected!  We were meant to move and fellowship!

Current Groups

Take Back Your life - tuesday @ 6:00pm

Take Back Your Life (Women)
This group works through the book "Take Back You Life". by Levi Lusko.  It is a wonderful group that is very laid back.  You may come in person on join us vis LIVE Stream in realtime to participate.  The group is led by Sandra and Melissa.  Please contact us to join via Stream Realtime.. 

hiking / exploring (RSVP)

Hiking, Biking, Exploring & More
This group is led by Michelle & Melissa.  If you contact them ahead of time, they will arrange an incredible hiking adventure with you based on your skill level.  These ladies are outdoor experts and love doing just about anything.  Hikes and adventures must be scheduled ahead of time based on weather and conditions.  Contact us for more info.. 

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