ANDC Pakistan

Welcome to A New Day Church Pakistan!  We have a vision for the people of Pakistan and we are doing our part to see this vision come to pass!  ANDC Pakistan will be located in Sheikhupura, a city located 22 hours away from Seattle, Washington.  Proverbs 29:18-19

The Nation of Pakistan is 97% a muslim country.  We believe that there are so many that need Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.  With your prayers and support, we can ALL do our part in helping build a Church that will be dedicated to the teaching of Jesus.  We can supply the loaves and fishes and God will perform the miracles!


Our ANDC Pakistan Church leadership team includes some very dedicated men of God who have a passion to minister the love of Jesus to a country starving for the Truth!  Roheel Masih will be the primary contact with A New Day Church based on his English skills.  These men of God are working hard to see this church become ALL that God desires it to be!


One of the primary ministry needs that our teams are currently working with is the hungry children that work in the brick yards.  Roheel and his team visit the brick yards twice a week with food and household items, as well as kids' pamphlets that talk about Jesus.


A New Day Church Pakistan WILL be our first step in reaching the people of Pakistan.  However, we will immediately start our next project to help the Christian women of Pakistan learn to sew.  This will enable them to make money and help their homes financially.  This will also instill pride and confidence.  God is moving!

About Our Team

Get to know more about ROHEEL MASIH

Roheel Masih and his wife Usha have been close friends of A New Day Church for over 3 years.  Roheel has church and Bible studies at his home every week.  They are both extremely dedicated to seeing the Nation of Pakistan come to know Jesus Christ as its Lord and Savior.  Roheel and other brothers do the work of the Lord delivering food and Bibles to those around them.  This is a dangerous endeavor due to the persecution of Christians in Pakistan.
Roheel and Usha have two beautiful children.  Abner and Rose are their gifts from God.  Abner is always learning how to be like his father and preach the gospel.  A New Day Church is helping Abner go to a private school due to safety concerns.  Both children are thriving and happy!