I have been struggling with my faith, dedication and commitment to God for many years. Yet it wasn?t until the birth of my first child that my struggle in faith really bothered me. I want to raise my children to the best of my ability and I realized that I was not fulfilling my duty to my children because I wasn?t living in the glory of God.
I don?t think it was a coincidence that I became Pastor Mark and Carmen?s neighbor. I?m pretty sure that it was God setting before me the tools I needed to grow strong in faith. I feel truly blessed to have Mark and Carmen as my neighbors, friends and mentors. They are devout in their faith and live in the richness only God can provide. 
The Yeadon?s have reached out to me and have surrounded me with patience, understanding and love. My interest and renewed promise to my developing faith is a testament to the faithfulness of God?s saving power and the love of His caring servants. 
Pastor Mark and Carmen represent, to me the very model of goodness and purity of heart. They have welcomed my family and myself into their home, and into their love and their faith. I was honored when Pastor Mark performed both dedications ceremonies for my children. He was able to impact, touch and bless our whole family.
I know I?m not anywhere near where I want to be in my faith, in fact I fight it every step of the way. However, I feel blessed to be able to align myself with Jesus Christ and the people who are going to be able to support and challenge me in my faith and my struggles. 
-Julie Olgeirsson

DaveI did not grow up in church, nor did I think it had anything to offer me. I was what I would call a normal high school student, lived in a good home and got good grades. At the end of my senior year a girl invited me to a church service. Normally I would have thought that it was a dumb idea, but she asked, so I went and God began to reveal Himself to me through the pastors and families there. I began to see that although I thought my life was pretty good, I was missing the joy that these people had. It was through these pastors that God became genuine to me rather than the fairytale I had thought He was. Since that time Pastor Mark and others have come alongside of me and made the biggest differences in my life. I thank God for them. 
- Dave Griffin


The Girgus familyI think I can speak on behalf of all Girgus? when I say that Pastor Mark has been the most influential spiritual leader we have ever known. Not only did he help to keep our family together through some tumultuous times by speaking words of comfort and wisdom, but he also had faith enough to heal some of us in desperate times. 

I remember a time when I was personally not very motivated to go to church. I had lost some joy and was feeling rather isolated. It was a simple lunch visit from Pastor Mark that restored my confidence. There have been dozens of times in all the Girgus? lives where he has done this. Pastor Mark has a true gift not only to Pastor but to be a friend. 

Pastor Mark has faith enough to see my entire family saved and praising the name of Jesus. From our perspective and knowing some of my family members this was not a potential possibility. He has stood strong in this vision from God and it has come to pass. Pastor Mark has been the architect of that miracle. I personally didn?t have the faith to see my father saved. Pastor Mark not only did but helped my father get a measure of faith strong enough to heal him of prostate cancer. 

I can also say that it was Pastor Mark that truly helped my wife become born again. She and I were married and it was a struggle, I was a Christian she was not. My wife was not enamored with the idea of going to church. When she heard Pastor Mark speak on several occasions with his insightful yet simple approach to the bible it made her want to know more. She has since then given her life to the Lord and tells as many people as will listen about the change that has taken place in her. I want to personally thank Pastor Mark for his diligence in that miracle. My wife and I enjoy a great relationship now and are better friends then when we first knew each other. God has a way of making that happen.

I don?t plan on rambling on about Pastor Mark but I could. I will say that we love and admire you Pastor for your friendship, wisdom, and your fervor and diligence to our family. Saying thank you isn?t enough but I?ll do it anyway ? Thank You.
-Love, Thomas, Kimmie, Sam, Gabe and Baby. 

BenMark is a compassionate, warm and friendly pastor. I am impressed with the live interaction between him and the people. The most important aspect of his ministry is how the Holy Spirit uses him as a tremendous blessing to others. 
-Ben Doko


Jennifer and GregGrowing up in a Catholic church, with a traditional family, I lacked a true passion for knowing Christ. I came to know Jesus in 1996 at Evangel Community Church, where Pastor Mark?s word and ministry introduced me to living in Christ daily.
Then in 1999 I began to date my future husband. One year later, he too gave his life to Christ. Since then, God has been the foundation in our relationship to our marriage.
Pastor Mark?s ministry is a daily reminder that Christ is not finished with us yet.
-Jennifer Davis with her husband, Greg


I consider it a great honor to share with you my thoughts about Pastor Mark and Carmen. They?re Great people! 

Mark and Carmen have won our hearts with their passion, gentleness, and humility. Working along side them in Oaxaca proved to be a spiritual highlight of my life. Really! I can hardly wait to do it again. 
-Pastor Larry Brice




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