my next step...

       Sunday is over.

    How do I keep moving forward in my relationship with God?


                     Movement takes intention and effort.

                           Every step brings you nearer to Jesus Christ.


 Small Groups—intentional relationships, moving together. 

...the next step.



 Starting Soon

      Anthony and Terri ~ To Be Announced  (425) 218-5517


Open Forum for New Believers and Seekers

      Pastor Mark ~ Thursdays at 7pm.  

      Julie O:  (206) 963-2089


       Life Change and Transformation

          Richard & Barry with Tricia~ Thursdays at 7pm.

  (206) 696-1630


    Finding Your Purpose

       Joni Qoyoya ~ Call for times  (206) 271-5855


Gathering Musicians for Worship & Praise

    Dan & Kelley ~ Thursdays at 7pm.  (425) 485-4248






    Breaking Free...

    Discovering the Victory of Total Surrender by Beth Moore

       Cindy Bruce ~ Mondays at 7pm.  (425) 670-6192


Living with Discernment in the End Times by Kay Arthur

    Dean & Jenny ~ Mondays at 7pm.  (206) 542-5080