Prayer requests

At A New Day Church, we care about everyone!  Your needs, health, family and finances are important to us...because they are important to you.  Whatever your need is, please let us pray for that need!  God wants your life to be a happy and complete one.

please pray for these needs!

A New Day Church is a praying church.  The requests below have been submitted for us to start that action!  Let's get these taken care of...


Please pray for my current situation. I am having to relocate due to someone harassing me. Please pray I sell my home and get a new job quickly. This has become quite scary. Thank you and God bless.


Please pray that the Fire of God reigns within me and my family


Dear God Thank you for your blessings to clear my all the exams to get my degree successfully. Thank you so much Lord to help me I get a degree I complete my final semester exams I got my result successfully I clear my all the exams successfully. Thank you Lord God please bless me Lord to go a higher studies M. Com, MBA MPhil, ph.d please bless me Lord to go to higher studies. In the Name of Almighty I Pray Amen


I want a regular class in pg m. Com I want a offline class on the daily basis I want to go a college on daily and attend the regular class on daily full day. Please pray for me. Dear God Thank you for this wonderful day please bless me Lord Jesus Christ please help me Lord I want a regular class in pg m. Com please bless me Lord to make a offline class full day class on daily basis regular class. In the Name of Almighty I Pray Amen. Thank you please pray for my needs.


Hi, please pray for absolute protection, healing, mercy, sound minds, huge financial blessings and sustained deliverance from all trials/internal issues for myself, fiance, my family, those they're with, my friend Nick, tom, christy and also their family. Take it from anyone and anything to harm, rob and do anything similar against us in anyway and our homes, properties & posessions protected forever. May it not even enter anyone's minds to wrong us. We at peace with those against us without confrontation and anything similar. And for all spiritual warfare of amy kind lifted from myself and fiance. Lord, lastly give us peace, joy, huge financial blessings and us both opportunities to get the job and promotions we want. Let me and my fiance have no fear of man and healing for my hearing forever. Mercy and forgivness for those who wronged me. In Jesus name amen!!