Prayer requests

At A New Day Church, we care about everyone!  Your needs, health, family and finances are important to us...because they are important to you.  Whatever your need is, please let us pray for that need!  God wants your life to be a happy and complete one.

please pray for these needs!

A New Day Church is a praying church.  The requests below have been submitted for us to start that action!  Let's get these taken care of...


Thank you so much Kimmie and Tom. I really appreciated your kind words and bringing God back in my life. Im sorry I wasn't there during this prayer session. There's 3 hr difference, I live on Ohio. So your 7 pm is my 10 pm. I will try again tonight. Again thank you 😊 🙏


Please pray for my 42 year old daughter Janet, who is unto the occult and mentally ill. She lives with me, my husband and developmentally disabled brother and sister. She is harassing the neighbors. We need help. May Jesus grant her His Holy Spirit! . And she accept Jesus as her Savior. Thanks, Tacy Caudle


I'm asking for prayers for comfort for the Williams family in Pittsburgh,PA as they lost their mother July 23rd and their father 8 months ago. I'm also asking for prayers for housing and my health. Thank you and have a blessed day.


Prayers for Christ to safeguard the saints and their families from people who may try to harm them. I kind of had an encounter with my charity work while hanging in town. So Christ save the people worldwide.


Prayers for my cross fitness training so I can contend for the sake of Christ in sports. I am short of some equipment due to the Pandemic, so I fear shortening my results after a year of training. Also, prayers for the Gods people to cover themselves in Christ's Haleness, Youthfulness, and Aptness for their jobs and faith all-around.